Episode 189: He’s Back.

This episode contains: Devon is back! He tells us all about his new fatherhood experiences. Then we chat a bit about the Superbowl that we’re not watching while we’re recording a podcast.

Robot Overlords: Canadian scientists have taught AI language and used it to decypher a 600 year old manuscript. The Voynich Manuscript has eluded decyphering for decades, but this new AI system has solved it, almost. The language of origin has been discovered, as well as the way that language was cyphered. We’re on our way to fully decrypt it.


Brain Matters: Frontal cortex electrodes have been used to help slow Alzheimer’s in a few patients. Three individuals have had the procedure and there are anecdotal reports that they have had significant improvements. We talk about how small the sample size is, and how the experiment needs a controlled, reproducible study.


New trailers, new movies, new tv shows: A teaser trailer for Solo, Netflix drops a Cloverfield and Altered Carbon is here. We chat a lot about the Solo teaser, even though we know that by the time this is released, the full trailer will exist. We talk about The Cloverfield Paradox and how Netflix surprised all of us by having ONE trailer for it before it premiers. And finally, we discus Altered Carbon and how our experienced reading the book had colored our expectations for the show; but to no avail, the show is great.