Episode 193: The Shape of Rebels

This episode contains: Devon is back to work after another two weeks of paternity leave. We’re also recording a day before posting, so we’re more relevant! We have a little talk about gun control and Switzerland before getting into the science. Then, we get into the science!

Robot Overlords: Virtual Predator is “self-aware”, behaves like living counterpart. Scientists report that they’ve build an AI that behaves like a sea slug, which it was modeled after. The biological organism has a clear algorithm it follows when encountering other organisms. The AI was able to mimic this activity.


Tree Hugger: Crowd sourced family tree yields new insights about humanity. Scientists used information from Geni.com to make a family tree of 13 million people. This allowed them to study migration, how far away people look for mates at different times in history, genetic components of longevity, and more.


Sci-Fi: Netflix has released the first full trailer for their reboot of Lost in Space. It looks good. Devon saw Mute on Netflix. It was not good. Steven then explains what happens at the end of Star Wars: Rebels (SPOILERS) to Devon, who is still in the third season. Devon then tries to explain the plot of Shape of Water and why it won Best Picture.