Episode 197: Gunting for Hard Suns

This episode contains: Devon is still building his LEGO Millennium Falcon. He calls it the “best LEGO set ever made.” We talk a bit about Easter, the lore behind it, and how we experienced it as children. Devon wonders why we don’t use it to control children’s behavior.

This Week in Space: No, Astronaut Scott Kelly’s DNA did not change by 7% while in space. This was wildly mis-reported, so we set the record straight. As it turns out 7% of his genes expressed themselves differently while in space.


This Week in Space: We observed two of the oldest stars that we can see using gravitational lensing. One is 7.8 billion light years away and the other is 14.4 billion light years away.


Ready Player One: Steven saw the movie! In a theatre! This is our semi-spoiler filled review. We talk about the differences between the book and the movie, so if you haven’t seen either, skip ahead. We don’t give away any major differences, so if you have read the book, it’ll be safe to listen to.

Hulu SciFi TV: Steven finished watching Future Man and Devon watched the first episode. We give our review and why some people may not like it very much. Steven watched the first episode of Hard Sun and really enjoyed it. He talks about it’s grittiness, and how it isn’t “fun, silly scifi.”

Utopia/Dystopia: Piggybacking on the Hard Sun talk, we discuss what we would do and how society would react to knowledge that the Earth only had 5 years until it was destroyed.