Episode 202: The Snapture

This episode contains: Devon is fresh out of the theater where he finally saw Infinity War! We wait until the second half the show to get into it. We then discuss Arrested Development before getting into the science.

Get Physical: We both chose the same article for the second time in the podcast’s history! Engineers have figured out how the Leaning Tower of Pisa has stayed standing after all these years, despite multiple large earthquakes. The answer has to do with rigidity of the structure and softness of the soil it stands on. The technical term is “dynamic soil-structure interaction.”


Infinity War: We have very spoiler filled review of Infinity War. First off, we both really liked the movie. We then discuss what the movie did really well, some under-utilized characters, the real power of the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos’s plan and motives, the ending, and speculation about the next movie. We then talk about whether the Marvel TV shows will be affected by the events in Infinity War.

Ceremonial Reading: We complete the show with the ceremonial reading of the Constitution of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia.