Episode 204: Don’t Eat Human Flesh

This episode contains: Devon is fresh out of the pool where he took his son swimming for the first time. Steven explains we’re recording a day late even though no one probably cares. Also, Matt Groening (of Simpsons fame of course) is coming out with a new Netflix animated series called Disenchantment.

Climate Change (period): Scientists match pollution from past civilizations to ice layers. They were able to match up ice core samples with historical events.


The Devil is Real: The Lone Star tick can make you allergic to meat! The tick can make you allergic to a carbohydrate found in mammalian cells, but not human cells. This further confirms that ticks suck. We then question how bad it is to eat human meat. We also discuss Lyme Disease.


Sci-Fi: We finally discuss Westworld as Devon has finally watched a couple episodes of the new season. There are SPOILERS for the first two episodes of season two. We discuss what has happened, what it all means and how they might be screwing with us with the timeline, like they did in the first season. We also discuss new Star Wars TV shows and how excited we are for Solo. We also talk about The Expanses possibly being saved by Amazon.


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