Episode 207: Perdition’s Flames

This episode contains: Devon talks about his weekend with sazarac and absinthe. We decide that mixing cocktails is like chemistry so it’s cool to talk about because chemistry is science.

Just Like Us: Bees can understand the concept of ‘zero’. Despite their 1,000,000 million neurons (compared to the human average of 86 Billion) studies have shown that bees understand the complex idea of zero. We talk about the study that was performed to get to this conclusion. Then Devon wants to know if Steven has ever seen Bee Movie. (Of course he has.)


This Week in Space: Organic molecules have been found on Mars. Curiosity drilled and found evidence of organic molecules existing on Mars around 3.2 – 3.8 billion years ago. We chat a bit about how it’s generally accepted that Mars once has liquid water. There have also been methane fluctuation observed in Mars; but we’re not sure what it means.


E3: Steven talks about the Fallout 76 reveal at this year’s E3 Event. It’s a multiplayer game with a map 4 times larger than Fallout 4. There are no human NPCs, just other players.

Annihilation: Devon give us his thoughts on Annihilation.

Moment of Creation: Steven and Devon talk about creating new and fresh science fiction worlds. They talk about what types of stories they’d like to see in the sci-fi genre and Steven coaxes the best bit of brainstorming he’s ever heard Devon say. Then talk turns to Moby Dick and Star Trek, because of course it does.