Episode 212: Old Man Picard

This episode contains: California is on fire again. We briefly discuss how screwed the people of California, us included, may be. Devon then tells us about his 6-month-old son’s first swim lesson.

Robot Overloads: AI can predict your personality. This leads to a discussion of the Myers-Briggs test, which Devon is super skeptical of.


All You Need is Science: A study used statistical analysis of Beatles songs to determine who wrote In My Life. They broke down songs where the author was known (Lennon or McCartney) into different elements then applied the analysis to determine In My Life was probably written by Lennon.


Sci-Fi: There’s a pic from the new Terminator movie. We’re not excited. They’ve announced a new Star Trek series about Picard, which will star Patrick Stewart. We are excited. We then talk about the new The Expanse tabletop game and how The Expanse was first thought of as an RPG. Devon then tells about a very odd book he is reading: Clockwork Rocket by Greg Egan.