Episode 217: Predicting Destiny

This episode contains: We talk about our non-special lives. Steven is playing Star Wars: Destiny and has bought a lot of packs of cards.

Medical Predictions From the Past: We look at 1970’s predictions of medical advances by the year 2000. Taking a pill to make you require less sleep. Putting a tiny radio in your chest to mentor vital signs. You will be able to know the sex of your baby by the second month. Being able to genetically modify your child. Being able to cure more diseases, including cancer. Lab grown organs. Pain will be cured.


Mother Nature is a B!tch: The central valley of California is sinking. This is due to the drought but has continued despite more rainfall. We discuss why this is occurring and the possible consequences.


Future Medical Advances: We look at the same predictions and discuss how those same medical technologies may improve in the future.


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