Episode 222: Doom and Gloom

This episode contains: Devon explains why he’s not going to be here next week. Steven laments being a stay at home dad to two children.

Doom and Gloom: We discuss the new report regarding climate change, goals we as humans should have and how to accomplish them. Devon starts the discussion by talking about the 1.5C vs 2C rise in global temp above pre-industrial levels. A lot about our planet will change by 2100. Steven then takes the reins and talks about things we can do to alter climate change, which all seem a little pie in the sky. He also mentions a Netflix show (Explained) which talked about the global water crisis.


The Mandelorian: Quick update on The Mandelorian and which directors have been confirmed for the series.

Harry Potter: Devon has finished the series (and the play) and we talk about the ending of the series (and the merits of the play).