Episode 225: I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire

This episode contains: California is on fire again. We’re not in danger but there’s smoke everywhere.

I want my Baby Back, Baby Back… : There has been a remarkable decline in fertility rates. The current average fertility rate has dropped by half since 1950s. This appears to be due to choice, not biological changes. We discuss why people choose to have fewer, or no, kids. We also discuss how this could affect our future.


Climate Change: Devon briefly discuss the new South Park episode that address climate change and Red Dead Redemption II.


This Week In Space: We follow-up on the interstellar asteroid that some scientist are now theorizing may be an alien probe. This is due to its unexplained acceleration. However, many scientists are skeptical and there is not nearly enough evidence to assume this is an alien probe. Still interesting to think about though.


Sci-Fi: Devon is reading Star Wars: Thrawn: Alliances. He doesn’t remember why he decided to read it. Devon still hasn’t finished Star Wars: Rebels. Devon is about to play Red Dead Redemption II. Steven then discusses Fallout: 76.


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