Episode 229: Pre-Game this Podcast

This Episode Contains: It’s almost Steven’s birthday. Devon sent out a holiday card. Now, science:

This Week in Science: A scientist has a theory that could explain dark matter and dark energy and combine the tow into a negative fluid. We discuss the nature of dark matter and dark energy and if we think it is real. We also question this study even though we have no academic authority to do so.


Robot Overlords: CIMON is a new robot on the ISS. This intended to improve moral for astronauts. UT’s 3-D printed and can move multiple directions in space using fans. It still needs some of the bugs worked out.


Sci-Fi: We discuss how we feel about our ages. Steven has already gotten some Harry Potter LEGO for his B-day. Devon finally saw Crimes of Grindelwald, and kind of remembers it. Devon pre-gamed before seeing the movie. Steven saw Sorry to Bother You on Devon’s recommendation. He gives us his spoiler free review. Steven also saw Rampage. It wasn’t bad. Devon read the new Thrawn book and there’s another coming out next year. We end with some inspirational posters written by AI.

AI Inspirational Posters


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