Episode 233: It’s No Invader Zim

This episode contains: Special guest co-host Benjamin Daniel Lawless joins Steven this week! He talks about how he has automated his job (probably using science). Steven hasn’t been doing much but parenting. No calls from preschool about bumps to the head.

Better Than The Notebook: Richard Feynman wrote a letter to his departed wife. Ben reads parts of it as he recaps their marriage and her sickness. It’ll get you right in the feels.


The Fakest News: Republican? Democrat? Conservative? Liberal? Doesn’t matter, if you’re over 65, you shared the “fake news”. A study was done after the 2016 election and found that misinformation was spread more with people over the age of 65 than any other demographic. It may have to do with “digital literacy”.


Devon’s Challenge: Devon isn’t on this episode, but he reaches through the ether via text to challenge Ben about which is better: The Orville or Star Trek Discovery. Ben had issues with the pilot episode having lazy writing, but has serious reservations about Yaphit. Steven thinks that perhaps we’re not the target demographic for The Orville.

Into the Spider-verse: We talk a bit about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, and Ben comments about his reading of Spider-man comics, specifically “Spiders-Man”. We chat about the importance of the animation and if it will leave a significant mark. We also talk a bit about what movies we are sharing with our kids.

Check out solopress.org/toast to support Ben!


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