Episode 237: Downward Spiral of Discovery

This episode contains: Survival. Both hosts are doing it. Steven at home with a teething kid, and Devon while visiting the post-apocalyptic oil fields of Bakersfield.

Robot Underlings: A new prosthetic has been designed with sentience. The hand is able to send signals back to the user as feedback. The had is also controlled by the user’s muscles. This new prosthetic is the first of it’s kind and was developed in part by Sweden.


Get Physical: New fabric has been developed that automatically cools or insulates depending on conditions. This material senses the heat around it and either contracts to trap heat or loosens to let heat escape. Carbon nanotubes “tune” themselves according to the environment and adjust. We talk a bit about who should be using this technology and wonder if we could get our cars upholstered with it.


Annihilation Movie Review: Spoilers for Annihilation. We talk about the movie, including plot elements, character arcs and the ending. Steven has some interesting thoughts on the ending that hadn’t occurred to Devon. We also talk about some of our favorite scenes.

Russian Doll: Devon has watched the first season of Russian Doll and lightly recaps pieces of it (no spoilers). Steven is excited to watch it, when he has time.


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