Episode 240: To Be Concluded…

This episode contains: We haven’t really done anything new since the last recording. Devon explains how he can only be disciplined about one thing at a time. Steven then talks about Prison Architect, which is some kind video game apparently.

We’re Doomed: Recycling has not been working. China is no longer buying our recycling as they are trying to combat pollution. Now a lot of our recycling gets burned along with other garbage. We also learn that people are really bad about recycling, throwing just about anything in the recycling bin. Cities are paying more and more to companies to take recycling. We also talk about AOC and the Green New Deal.


Life, uh, Finds a Way: Dinosaurs were thriving before asteroid strike that wiped them out. There’s been a debate as to whether the dinosaurs were already in decline and then the asteroid was the final blow or if they were doing well and but for the asteroid they would have continued to survive. Now there’s good evidence that they were doing fine.


Sci-Fi: We haven’t consumed much since the last episode. Devon plans on rewatching infinity War before Endgame. We discuss what movies end on real cliff-hangers. Steven decides his daughter can watch Star Wars when she turns 5. We then debate when “next December” takes place. We then lament how bad the last JP movie was.