Episode 254: The Topher Grace Comeback

This episode contains: We start off discussing our kids. Steven tells us about visiting the College World Series. There he got really drunk found a cool tattoo artist. But did not get a new tattoo.


Biologically Speaking: Gut Microbes eat our medication. “Researchers have discovered one of the first concrete examples of how the microbiome can interfere with a drug’s intended path through the body. Focusing on levodopa (L-dopa), the primary treatment for Parkinson’s disease, they identified which bacteria out of the trillions of species is responsible for degrading the drug and how to stop this microbial interference.”


Robot Overlords: This freaky fish is powered by blood… not really. “In an effort to create more autonomous, life-like robots, scientists have developed a soft robotic lionfish with a multi-functional circulatory system. A blood-like compound powers the bot and provides propulsion.”


Sci-Fi: Steven got a new Star Wars board game. Devon saw I am Mother. He also saw The Space Between Us. We finally discuss this season of Black Mirror (the first two eps at least).