Episode 257: The Dutch Oven of Terra-forming

This episode contains: Steven and Devon have a chat about the impending raid on Area 51. Devon does the FaceApp thing and Steven is worried for his future.


This Week in Space: New research suggests that regions of the Martian surface could be made habitable with a material — silica aerogel — that mimics Earth’s atmospheric greenhouse effect. We talk about the new tech, and what it means for future colonists.


Brains: Neuralink is a tiny computer chip attached to ultrafine, electrode-studded wires, stitched into living brains by a clever robot. We talk about Elon Musk’s newest endeavor, it’s effect on the current world, and possibilities for the future.


Things we watched: Devon gives us his mini-review on the HBO/BBC show Years and Years. Steven mentions the trailers for both His Dark Materials and Terminator Dark Fate. Steven tries to not gush over how awesome A Quiet Place was. Devon does gush over the Top Gun Maverick trailer. We resign to talk about Stranger Things 3 next week.



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