Episode 259: No Hope For Humanity

This episode contains: We discuss some Star Wars Armada news and some board game’s Devon has been playing. Steven then talks about X-Wing.

We’re All Doomed!/This Week in Space: A few weeks ago an Earth-skimming asteroid was unusually large and exceptionally close. An asteroid: 2019Ok came with .19 lunar orbits from Earth. It was not detected until a month before it got close to Earth. “2019 OK has a 2.7-year-long orbit – longer than Mars, but its path is quite elliptical, taking it inside the orbit of Venus at its closest approach to the Sun. That’s a bad strategy for long term survival. Unless a close approach radically changes its orbit, 2019 OK will eventually collide with one of Earth, Venus, or Mars.”


Hey, Remember That?: Mysterious release of radioactive material uncovered. “It was the most serious release of radioactive material since Fukushima 2011, but the public took little notice of it: In September 2017, a slightly radioactive cloud moved across Europe. Now, a study has been published, analyzing more than 1300 measurements from all over Europe and other regions of the world to find out the cause of this incident.”


Sci-Fi: Steven watched the first episode of Another Life. Devon finished HBO’s Years and Years. We’re both watching The Boys on Amazon. We then finally talk about Stranger Things 3.