Episode 264: The Cow Matrix

This episode contains: Unplanned jokes are happening too regularly. Devon gives us his short review of Hobbs and Shaw, which was surprisingly sci-fi.

Biological Imperative: The genome of a gene-edited bull contained bacterial DNA, some of which has been linked to antibiotic resistance. The company responsible, Recombinetics, has previously bred two hornless Holsteins which were unveiled in 2015. We talk about the science behind the mix-up and then the conversation devolves into the cow zombie apocalypse.


Biological Imperative 2: The momentum behind a move to plant-based and vegan diets for the good of the planet is commendable, but risks worsening an already low intake of an essential nutrient involved in brain health. Choline is not regulated in the UK, even though it is important for brain health and fetal development. We chat about this, GMOs a bit, and the Impossible Burger.


Top Sci-Fi movies of the 21st Century: Thanks to a list via Den of Geek (https://www.denofgeek.com/us/movies/science-fiction/252905/best-sci-fi-movies-21st-century) we talk about some of the best science fiction movies of the 21st century. From A.I.: Artificial Intelligence to Annihilation, we cover many movies that we’ve seen, a few that we haven’t, and some that we think maybe should not have been included on this list.

Apologies for the audio quality this week. We think it’s about time to ditch Skype.