Episode 268: There Are Four Lights

This episode contains: Welcome back Benjamin Daniel Lawless to the episode while Devon takes a week off. Ben had some interesting issues with his internet. We talk about the big three returning to Jurassic World and throw some shade at Doctor Who.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Ben does two cancer related articles. Decades long decline in breast cancer death rate continues. Ben tells us the harrowing tale of his mother’s double mastectomy. Screening mammography could benefit men at high risk of breast cancer. We’re betting our bottom dollar that Ben is getting a mammography.


Biological Imperative: Edits made to Fruit Fly DNA adding Monarch Butterfly genes made them able to eat milkweed. CRISPR is at it again, and with only three edit to one gene, we now have a new genetically created organism, the Monarch Fly. Also, most of our friends have beating hearts, so they shouldn’t eat milkweed.


Sci-Fi: We talk about the end of the Skywalker Saga, what “real” zombies are, and give a whole lot of love to Sam Witwer. Steven talks a bunch about the PS4 exclusive Days Gone and Ben enlightens us on what the Enterprise was doing during the first season of Star Trek Discovery. We round out the episode by talking a bit about the comic series House of X and Powers of X.


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