Episode 273: The Base Race

This episode contains: Steven has had a sick family. Devon is grinding away at life. Is this better or worse than being single? We discuss.

Nature Watch: Carbon dioxide capture could become big business. There are several ways that we can capture and use carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide emissions are measured in the gigatons and we can potentially use that for our benefit, twofold. Once for taking it out of the atmosphere and again for profit.


Robot Overlords: AI cracks centuries-old three body problem in under a second. The algorithm they built provided accurate solutions up to 100 million times faster than the most advanced software program, known as Brutus. The neural net simply looks at the movements and deduces a pattern that can help predict how future scenarios will play out.


Streaming Sci-Fi: Steven gives his impressions of Living With Yourself, available on Netflix. Devon then gives his impressions of Daybreak, also on Netflix. Steven talks a bit about His Dark Materials, available on HBO, the he dives head first into For All Mankind, available on Apple TV Plus.