Episode 279: Traditional Christmas Kangaroo

This episode contains: Devon’s back and it’s Christmas! Devon tells us about where he’s been what he does when he’s tired. Steven stays up late all the time. Devon also went to the Billy Graham Library. It was interesting… Now, science:

That’s the Way the Science Goes: Blue light may not be as disruptive to our sleep patterns as originally thought. Contrary to common belief, blue light may not be as disruptive to our sleep patterns as originally thought — according to scientists. According to the team, using dim, cooler, lights in the evening and bright warmer lights in the day may be more beneficial to our health.


Sports Science: Scientists are one step closer to solving the mystery of MLB’s home run surge. There have been a lot more home runs in Major League Baseball in the last few years – right when MLB bought the company that makes the balls. This study shows that this may be due to seam height and batting technique.


Sci-Fi: Ghost Busters: After Life, Tenet, The Mandalorian, Rick and Morty, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, and more!