Episode 281: Dr. Seuss Adjacent

This episode contains: Devon is gone again so Ben Lawless is back on the show. Steven is back on the Rock Band bandwagon.

Of Mice and Men: Forgetfulness might depend on time of day. Researchers have identified a gene in mice that seems to influence memory recall at different times of day and tracked how it causes mice to be more forgetful just before they normally wake up.


The Dinosaurs Were Doomed Either Way: Earth was stressed before dinosaur extinction. By measuring the chemistry of fossilized seashells collected in Antarctica, researchers discovered that Earth was already experiencing carbon cycle instability before the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs.


Sci-Fi: For All Mankind, The Social Network’s writing and effect on future movies and TV, screenplay writing, Ben likes to read screen plays so he can experience the movie his own way before seeing the movie, we then talk about Zach Schneider and the DC movies, we then discuss the books we’re reading, 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, Ben talks about The Strange Library also by Haruki Murakami, Steven has started watching See, Ben talks about DropMix.


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