Episode 283: Moist Decay

This episode contains: Steven forgets what month it is and Devon has Monday off. Devon saw a live recording of Alchemy This! And Steven hung out with Dorst.

Robot Overlords: Living robots built using frog cells. Tiny ‘xenobots’ assembled from cells promise advances from drug delivery to toxic waste clean-up. Scientists re-purposed living frog cells — and assembled them into entirely new life-forms. These tiny ‘xenobots’ can move toward a target and heal themselves after being cut. These novel living machines are neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal. They’re a new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism.


CSI: SFP: Cats Caught Breaking Into Human Body Farm To Feast On The Dead. At the Forensic Investigation Research Station in Whitewater, Colorado, human remains are placed outside and documented, photographed, and observed, just like at any other facility or a serial killer’s house. At this facility, scavenger activity is monitored with game cameras, which captured two particular cats sneaking into the body farm to feast on a number of corpses over the course of several weeks.


Sci-Fi: You on Netflix, Foundation by Isaac Asimov, Star Wars script leaks.