Episode 300: Fouch and Twizpipe

This episode contains: Welcome Devon back to the podcast after his paternity leave…but don’t get too excited, he’s only back because this is our 300th episode! We talk kids, Simpsons and other importance milestones.

Fracking Gorram Dren: Repeating the “F” word can improve threshold for pain during an ice water challenge. A recent study found that repeating the “F” word during an ice water experiment increased subjects’ tolerance and threshold for pain. However, reciting made-up swear words showed no such pain-reducing effects. We have fun talking about how “fouch” and “twizpipe” sound ridiculous, but we can’t stop saying them.


Madlibs: We do a fake re-open of the show and rehash some old articles, with a bit of fun. One article was from our 100th episode and one from our 200th episode.

Science Fiction: Steven watched Yesterday and Joker and gives mini reviews of each. We talk about HBO Max and The Snyder Cut of Justice League. Ben is excited for the announced Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Steven watched all of Upload and recommends it. Devon has been keeping up with Rick and Morty and we talk about some of the latest episodes. Steven is reading A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and is loving it so far. We also talk about Cobb Vanth and why he may be awesome.