Episode 302: Data Throttling the Afterlife

This episode contains: We start off this episode talking about the historic SpaceX and NASA launch. We also rail on technology and parents a bit. Also, what’s the difference between a rocket and a missile?

Bee Puns Really Sting: Bumblebees can speed up the flowering of plants. When pollen is in short supply, bumblebees damage plant leaves to accelerates flower production. We talk about their biting strategy and how it can be linked to climate change.


Wake up!: We talk about how to make the healthiest coffee, but not really. Turns out that filtered coffee is the “safest” coffee to drink. With a half a million sample size, this study tells us a lot about drinking coffee and death, and perhaps drinking coffee is healthier than not drinking any at all.


Science Fiction: We wrap up our talk about The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. There is some spoiler talk and Steven gives his impression about the ending of the book. Ben has some issues with the season finale of Upload. We do more spoiler talk and converse about the nature of seasoned tv and how sometimes a show can radically shift characters to the detriment of the show. Steven talks about the finale of Rick and Morty, non-spoiler since Ben hasn’t seen it yet. And it wouldn’t be Science Faction if Ben didn’t talk about HBO Max.