Episode 306: All The Pies

This episode contains: We’re recording late, for various reason, and Devon can’t join us. Everything is hard.

Brain Matters: Why are some words more memorable than others? Our brains recall the words ‘pig’, ‘tank’ and ‘door’ more often than others, including ‘cat’, ‘street’ and ‘stair’. Researchers started with epilepsy patients and ended up at a Christmas Party to figure out how our brains organize words. It’s quite the journey.


No Control, No Surprise: A new single sign-on algorithm that provides superior privacy has been developed; it does not disclose the user’s identity and sensitive personal information to the service provider.


Science Fiction: A Fallout series has been announced by Amazon, lead by the creators of WestWorld. Steven is very excited. We watched the Apple TV trailer for Foundation. Steven is tentatively excited. The CBS All Access show Star Trek: Lower Decks has a release date and both Ben and Steven are on board, it looks fun. Ben and his son have been playing the Apple Arcade game Sneaky Sasquatch and having a blast. Steven brings up an article about how Qui-Gon Jinn should be considered a Skywalker.