Episode 310: 7 Minutes of Terror

This episode contains: Devon is back for this episode, we try to talk about what we’ve been up to but it’s all too depressing. On to the science!

This Week In Space: Mars Perseverance Rover Mission to Red Planet successfully launched. We talk about the recent Mars 2020 mission, what it is bringing to the red planet and what a MOXIE is.


Here’s one thing you didn’t know nori could do, number 1 will shock you: Seaweed extract outperforms remdesivir in blocking COVID-19 virus. We talk about how an extract from seaweed can act as a decoy molecule to help defeat covid-19.


Last Week In Space: Scientists propose plan to determine if Planet Nine is a primordial black hole. We talk about what a black hole is and how they can be detected, then see how that applies to the hypothesized Planet Nine, which could indeed be a black hole the size of a grapefruit.


Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: We take a quick detour to celebrate an awesome man. Visit this link and try not to cry:


Science Fiction: Ben is excited for the upcoming 23 Weeks of Trek, which has two new seasons of Trek shows airing back to back. Steven quickly talks about his learning Blendr. Ben tells us about the disappointing X-Men Dark Phoenix movie. Steven has been playing Grounded, which is pretty much Honey, I Shrunk the Kids the video game.