Episode 312: Thematically On-Brand

This episode contains: We start off by talking about the weather and how it’s melting us. We then transition to distance learning and what we’re doing with our kids.

News: Steven does a small article about fungus from Chernobyl which eats nuclear radiation via radiosynthesis.


This Week in Space: Mystery solved: Bright areas on Ceres come from salty water below. We now know if there is liquid inside of Ceres and how long ago the dwarf planet was geologically active.



More Excuses to Spreadsheet about Microsoft: Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates. We talk about why scientists are doing this and laugh at some of the more ridiculously named genes.


Science Fiction:  We talk about the second episode of Lower Decks and Ben rattles off all the neat things that Steven missed. We then talk about Doom Patrol and how no, Matt, it isn’t a cartoon. But Harley Quinn is, and Ben thinks it’s fantastic and not for kids. Steven talks about how he finished Community and we converse a bit about shows that are coming back to help provide relief for covid-19. Ben gives us a spiel about the digital Harry Potter books that have it’s illustration animated and then talks at length about Dreams. Not his dreams, but the Dreams game on the PS4. It seems very, very cool.



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