Episode 316: Water Fat

This episode contains: Devon join us once again (for part of the episode) and Ben talks about the Eye Contact feature in iOS14.

This Week In Space: ‘Black dwarf supernova’: Physicist calculates when the last supernova ever will happen. Somehow, quantum tunneling may be involved. We also talk about how many zeros is in the number of years until the universe is dead.


This Week in Space: Possible marker of life spotted on Venus. We talk about the phosphine discovery that was made and how awesome life detected on Venus would be. We also talk about past missions to Venus.


Science Fiction: Devon, Ben and Steven dig into a little bit of science fiction before the interview: They talk about the ending of The Expanse book series, the CBS All Access change to Paramount+, and also how Star Trek Discovery may be linked to Voyager.

Chat with Miles Greb about Dune and more: After over two years, comic book author, atheist, skeptic and feminist Miles Greb joins us once again! We talk about the Dune trailer, what the movie means for the franchise, and a little bit of ‘what they got wrong/right’. Interestingly the trailer used ‘crusade’ in a scene where he should have said ‘ghost wind of jihad’ and we’re curious if the movie makers know the true story of Dune. We also talk a bit about the books Miles has created and you should check them all out: https://www.afterthegoldrush.space/

Also, if you don’t know what a ‘Dune’ is: https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4 


Keep your eyes peeled, Miles has a kickstarter going live on October 1st that collects the first volume of After the Gold Rush, and it’s something that you need to have. Need.