Episode 318: Rough One

This episode contains: We get a rough start on this one and it doesn’t stop. Devon’s kid had to take a Covid test. Ben is optimistic. Steven’s kitchen no longer exists.

Travel Plans Pre-Apocalypse: Venus might be habitable today, if not for Jupiter. If not for Jupiter, Venus might not be a nightmare hellscape. Observations in the orbit of Jupiter and the strangely circular orbit of Venus show that Jupiter’s orbit may have caused the changes in Venus before settling down. Also, there’s a scientific scale from 0 to 1 regarding orbits.


Ya Filthy Animal: Parrots removed from public view in wildlife park for swearing at visitors. A group of African Grey Parrots appear to find it amusing to curse and cause their visitors to laugh. This has caused the wildlife park to seclude the birds from sensitive ears. We propose another option: Zoo After Dark.


Bonus Science!: Some severe Covid-19 cases linked to genetic mutations or antibodies that attack the body. We have found key genetic mutations and antibodies that are not helping the body to defend against Covid-19, accounting for 10% of severe cases.


Science Fiction: Steven is super excited for Star Wars Squadrons. Ben is now owner of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account, even though he has no Xbox. Steven and Ben have both played around with the latest update of No Man’s Sky. Devon give us his thoughts on Project Power. Ben launches into the latest episode of Lower Decks and why spoofing the movies was done so well. Devon and Steven talk about The Boys Season 2, more specifically the character Homelander and how well he’s done. Steven continues to be worried about the mystical elements of Raised by Wolves.