Episode 321: Perfectly Exemplified

This episode contains: Ben is on medication and Steven upgraded his tech, strap in for this one folks, it’s a dozy.

Keep Your Eyeballs Peeled: Online images are not always what they seem, especially on social media according to study. We talk about how images online can be whatever we want and the truth isn’t necessarily represented. There are also poor forensic tools available for digital media literacy.


Hello Internet, This Is Your Dad Speaking: Ben does “research” on how to take out a splinter. He found a listicle that Steven is instantly skeptical of. Some of it might work maybe?


Emails: Field-Adjacent Correspondent Matt Dixon responds to our requests for data verification. He mails us about pigeons used in missiles, and why Microsoft Excel has a limit to the number of rows a file can hold. Thank you Matt!

Science Fiction: We talk about the goof in last weeks episode and that leads to some spoilers for Quantum Leap. Ben talks more about the Oculus Quest 2 and the games he’s playing: EchoVR, Half Life: Alyx and some stuff from SideQuest. Ben then talks at Steven about the first episode of the third season of Star Trek Discovery. Spoilers ahead.