Episode 329: Shut Up Nerd

This episode contains: Devon finally tells us what makes him happy, and it turns out it’s a Mel Gibson movie. Merry Christmas.

Time Keeps on Ticking: New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely. A new atomic clock uses entangled atoms to keep time more precisely than its state-of-the-art counterparts. We try, and fail, to understand quantum entanglement. Also, how did we set our clocks before the internet?


Whoopsie Daisy: Gut-wrenching footage documents Arecibo telescope’s collapse. We talk about what movies used the Arecibo telescope as a setting. Turns out the cable that snapped was an original one from 1963. IS that good or bad?


This Week in Space: Astronomers detect possible radio emission from exoplanet emanating from the constellation Boötes. The scientists used radio emissions from Jupiter as a template for what to look for out in the cosmos.


Science Fiction: Devon says the new Animaniacs is surprisingly good and then we talk too much about advent calendars. We cover Chapter 15, The Believer of The Mandalorian. We also talk about the first half of Terra Firma, the Star Trek Discovery episode. Steven is not a fan. Devon didn’t watch it. Ben seems to be on board. We quickly talk a bit more about the Bobiverse, and The Expanse. Ben finally watched Joker and we have a spoiler talk about it.