Episode 331: Not Like This, Moss Piglet

This episode contains: We talk about some items we received for Christmas, and then get right to business.

Water Bear Don’t Care: Water bears (tardigrades) are stuck on the moon after crash landing (in  2019). Tardigrades are under a millimeter long and can survive extreme conditions, 150C to almost absolute zero. We talk about the ethics of leaving things on the moon and how incredible the water bears continue to be.


Top 10 Discoveries Missed in 2020: Devon does a listicle to close down the year. These items include (but are not limited to) ancient earth material, tyrannosaur embryos, Mars humming, Betelgeuse mystery, and the end of the Ebola outbreak.


Science Fiction: We all watched the two big streaming movies of the holiday season: Soul and Wonder Woman 1984. We give our thoughts and reviews on both of them. We talk just a bit about Star Trek Discovery, since Steven missed the last episode. Devon and Steven have both been watching The Stand and give Ben a run-down of what it’s all about. Ben and Devon watched Midnight Sky and give Steven a mini-review. Devon watched The New Mutants and was pleasantly surprised.