Episode 333: Pick a Lane

This episode contains: This week we kick off the episode with some computer problems. Ben’s PC failed him, and Steven attempts to diagnose it.

World Beat: How Earth’s oddest mammal got to be so bizarre. Scientists have mapped the platypus genome and have found some very interesting things: 10 sex chromosomes, one of three egg laying genes survived from ancient bird ancestor, and more!


My God, It’s Full Of Stars!: Distant colliding galaxy dying out as it loses the ability to form stars. Astronomers have seen a galaxy ejecting nearly half of its star-forming gas. A galaxy dies when it can no longer make new stars. Steven questions his galactic reality.


Science Fiction: We talk about the Star Trek Discovery finale. We talk about the need for a ‘part 1, part 2’, the Burn and it’s origins, elevator fights, and Staments deserving to be more than just a car key. This will be the last Star Trek talk for quite a while, so enjoy it while it lasts.


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