Episode 337: Task Related Motivation

This episode contains: Ben tells us about a Covid scare that his family had. Steven has been 3D printing stuff for Terraforming Mars.

Help Me Wander: There are age-differences in mind-wandering. A study was conducted about young and restless, old and focused and other things about mind-wandering. We also talk about interruptions and focusing.


Elementary!: We’ve had the first ever measurements of einsteinium, element 99. We talk about bond distance, actinides and how watching Back to the Future is better than listening to us.


Science Fiction: We talk about some Lucasfilm news and who isn’t working for them anymore. Don’t worry, The Mandalorian will still be awesome. Ben finished the 5th season of The Expanse and talks about it, and the changes from the books. There is casting news for The Last of Us! Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are our Joel and Ellie and we couldn’t be more excited for the HBO series. Finally, we get to WandaVision and the implications of that crazy thing that happened at the end of episode 5.