Episode 345: Space Filled

This episode contains: Ben and Steven talk about how they are spending their spring breaks, whether it be taking cars to get serviced or getting a second covid vaccine shot. Neat.

Metal: NASA’s most metal mission will test new, higher-power electric thrusters. Ben talks about Psyche the mission going to Psyche the asteroid. It totally isn’t confusing.


Last Week in Space: More than 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust fall to Earth each year. Dome C in Antarctica are finding particles a hundredths of a millimetre that have passed through the atmosphere, counting everything, and extrapolating. That’s a lot of dust.


Science Fiction: First Contact Day! Ben tell us all about his favorite announcements from the future and past of Star Trek. Ben details the trailer for Picard Season 2, and all of the cool things it shows us. We talk about the trailer for Discovery Season 4, and get hyped for Lower Decks season 2. Steven watched the first episode of the Amazon Prime show Invincible and gives his spoiler-free reactions. That leads us to an interesting conversation comparing and contrasting Batman The Brave and the Bold and Batman the Animated Series.