Episode 350: Finding Satisfaction in a Desolate World

This episode contains: Only Steven and Devon this week, and we recorded a full length podcast. Steven is building a chicken coop and Devon had a fun night out.

Silly in Silicon: The chip shortage keeps getting worse. Why can’t we just make more? It’s not rocket science, it’s much more difficult. We talk about just how difficult it is to build and run a semiconductor factory.


Shark Week!: Sharks use Earth’s magnetic fields to guide them like a map. They rely on magnetic fields for their long-distance forays across the sea. We ask dumb questions, like if we can shield ourselves from the earth’s magnetic field, or if we can use that magnetic field instead of GPS. And by we, I mean Steven.


Science Fiction: Steven recaps the latest episode of The Bad Batch. Both Steven and Devon have been watching The Nevers. We don’t get into spoilers, but discuss the show at length. Steven recommends Jupiter’s Legacy to everyone, even if you’re done with superhero shows. Devon talks about the latest season of The Handmaiden’s Tale and gives a review on Project Hail Mary. Steven has been playing The 7th Continent and loves it.