Episode 353: Pure Wife Knowledge

This episode contains: The timelines have converged, at least for Ben and Steven. We chit-chat about too much sushi, fixing computers and LAN parties of the past.

Insane in the Permeable Membrane: Mammals can use their intestines to breathe. Rodents and pigs share with certain aquatic organisms the ability to use their intestines for respiration. We chat about the study that lead to this conclusion, but wait! We have a new new challenger! Nicole, Ben’s wife and science nerd, comes on the podcast to talk about her experiences in the veterinary field with intestinal drug use. It’s pretty cool.


Junk in the Trunk: We now know how an elephant’s trunk manipulates air to eat and drink. Elephants dilate their nostrils in order to create more space in their trunks. We quickly chat about this since *someone* has a wife who just had to talk about animal butt stuff.


Science Fiction: Steven’s been re-watching Kill Bill. We talk about The Bad Batch episode ‘Decommissioned’ and guess who that hidden figure might be. Steven has been watching sci-fi adjacent show The Wilds, and heavily recommends it. We do a spoiler heavy talk about The Nevers and THAT episode. We run out of time, but Ben manages to squeak in a little bit about Infinity Train.