Episode 358: Mash It All Together

This episode contains: We had a massive BBQ! All of your favorite hosts were together and Ben and Steven are here to tell you all about it. Steven panic bought a LEGO set and Ben  has the best DropMix collection.

Brain Matters: ‘Neuroprosthesis’ restores words to man with paralysis. Scientists are translating signals from brains, to the vocal tract, directly into words. It is astounding.


Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer: JPEG XL is the new image format that nobody wanted or needed. Ben tells us all about a new image format, and I promise, it’s better than it sounds. Ben also seems to be recording from a kitchen, so there’s that.


Science Fiction: We spend most of our science fiction time this week talking about the finale to LOKI, ‘For All Time. Always.’ We talk about the amazing Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains *cough* Kang *cough* and what the MCU is going to do now that variants can run wild and there appears to be an uncontrolled multiverse. We also discuss the differences between TV and Movies and what those differences should be in the future. Ben really wanted to talk about Space Jam 2, but that’ll have to wait until next week (mostly).


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