Episode 362: Space: It is what it is

This episode contains: Steven is not a robot, Devon saw some co-workers, and Ben is reading. Onward to science!

This Week in Space: The space station incident was far worse than NASA admitted, Russia’s newly-docked Nauka module accidentally fired its thrusters. NASA flight director Zebulon Scoville had to declare a spacecraft emergency. Everyone is fine now. How are you?


Don’t Stand So Close To Me: Emotion is a big part of how you assess risk. Risk is a function of logical and physical factors, both qualitative and quantitative. Emotions are why it is so hard to be objective about pandemic precautions.


Science Fiction: We have new Star Trek to talk about! We watched the first episode of the second season of Lower Decks, and Steven has some questions about Strange Energy for Ben. Steven watched A Quiet Place Part 2, and we have a nice spoiler filled discussion about it. Both Devon and Ben have fallen behind, but Steven watched the latest Rick and Morty episode,  Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort and talks about the bombshell dropped in that episode. We have a blast talking about The Suicide Squad and how great a job James Gunn did with it. Spoiler filled discussion, go watch it first! Steven and Ben talk about the first part of The Bad Batch finale. We chat a tiny bit about marvel’s What If…? and if it’s leading to another team up event.