Episode 366: Good Riddance

This episode contains: It’s almost Devon’s moving day, Ben has some bad luck, Steven visited Chicago.

Not Ponytails or Cottontails no, Ducktales. Woo-hoo: A duck named Ripper learned how to say “You bloody fool!” in 1987. In depth analysis of a recorded musk duck named Ripper reveals a shocking truth, he’s probably lonely.


Math, Math, Math: A universal equation for the shape of an egg has been discovered. We discuss what it means to have this equation, and what it means for science. We also discuss the perfect shape.


Science Fiction: We didn’t plan on it, but we talk about The Matrix: Resurrections trailer and how it may connect to the rest of the series. Ben has a lot to say about Star Trek Day, including information about re-released Star Trek games on gog.com, the cast of Strange New Worlds, and Lower Decks. We talk about the latest episode of Lower Decks and talk too much about what a scant is. We all dive deep into the Rick and Morty season 5 finales. What does it all mean? What’s the central finite curve anyway? Did Devon even like it? We wrap with some weird and amazing news about the band Our Lady Peace.

Break music was compiled using these songs:



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