Episode 368: No Logic, Only Chaos

This episode contains: Devon joins us from Texas! Steven and Ben talk about Chess and r/AnarchyChess. Steven reveals that this podcast is, indeed, a tragedy.

Snakes, Why Did it Have to be Snakes?: Modern snakes evolved from a few survivors of dino-killing asteroid. ‘Creative Destruction’ allowed snakes to diversify into new niches.


The arena is empty except for one man…: Self-sustaining solar house on wheels wants to soak up the Sun. The Stella Vita sports 17.5 square meters of solar panels on its roof. Amenities include a bed, a small fridge, a toilet, a couch, and a small cooking area. We talk about investing in solar technologies.

Science Fiction: We talk about Star Wars Visions, just for Matt. Ben brings us on a journey to understand ‘Where Pleasant Fountains Lie’, the latest episode of Lower Decks. Ben and Devon have a serious chat about the Metroid series, and the recap that Devon gives is pure gold. Steven and Ben break down the first episode and the basic plot of Y the Last Man, both TV and comic.