Episode 370: A Full Time Job

This Episode Contains: We join Ben in saying goodbye to the best good dog, Apollo. Devon has been sick working, we talk about why. Steven went to a pumpkin patch, and bought a pumpkin for his chickens.

I saw it it written and I saw it say, pink moon is on it’s way: Lunar samples returned by Chang’e-5 tell of recent volcanism. Oceanus Procellarum was likely to be deposited about two billion years ago, according to Chinese samples. Because of a basaltic magma eruption, the Moon had a more active volcanism than we might otherwise expect.


Ohh-Eee-Ohh-Ahh-Ahh: Great apes’ consonant and vowel-like sounds travel over distance without losing meaning. A range of orangutan sounds were played across the rain forest at set distances of 25, 50, 75 and 100 meters. The content of the orangutan sounds were uncompromised until the signal became inaudible.


Science Fiction: We chat a bit about Squid Game, even though only Devon has watched some of it. Steven talks about the Scholomance books he read in a week. Ben watched the Editor’s Cut of Spider-Man 3 and tells us all about the pros and cons. Devon watched some Star Wars Visions and we all talk about lightsaber colors. Ben gets into it with Lower Decks this week, with the episode ‘wej Duj’. We talk a little about the trailer for the next season of Discovery and a little about Foundation.