Episode 386: Magpies Against the Machine

This episode contains: Where’s Devon this week? Is there some Texan holiday we’re not aware of? Should Spotify be responsible for COVID misinformation on their podcasts? Is Spotify a music platform or a podcast platform? Ben yells at the cloud, and is switching to Apple Music. Ben kicks Steven out of his Spotify family plan, on air!

See the real new music releases each week:

There’s a music genre to calm your pets:

Hippity Hop: Scientists regrow frog’s lost leg
If you wanted zombies, this is how you get zombies. Scientists use a series of drugs on frogs for 24 hours, and 18-months later a functional leg grows. Viva Los Biodome! Salamanders, starfish, crabs, and lizards can regrow limbs: can mammals?


Flipping the Bird: The Magpie Machine
Ben describes a YouTube video, which may be the most inane thing possible. A father and son duo in Sweden made a machine to reward magpies for throwing away trash. Ben is now the daimyo of Science Faction. All he asks is for your neutrality when Devon returns.


Science Fiction: Return of the Man-dalorian: Book of Boba Fett ep. 5 discussion. There was no book and no Boba Fett in this week’s episode. Mando tries to plead the fifth when asked if he removed his helmet. Ben gives this episode three dank ferriks. Steven finally kinda likes it. In Star Wars, vehicles get normal names, characters are just gibberish. At the 59th minute mark, we start talking Star Trek: Prodigy, and “A Moral Star, Part 1” is SO GOOD! Kate Mulgrew goes all goth as Corrupted Hologram Janeway. The new uniforms on Star Trek: Prodigy are awesome. Star Trek Picard: No Man’s Land is an audio drama with Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd, up for pre-order. The Expanse Season 6 stuck the landing, with a satisfying momentum.


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