Episode 391: Stellar Vampirism

This episode contains: Ben’s been not having some real problems with spreadsheets. In fact, this episode was almost called ‘The Spreadsheet Edition’.

This Week in Space: ‘Closest black hole’ system found to contain no black hole. We’ve got some updates to system HR 6819 and the scientists behind the original conclusions were happy that their results were challenged.


The invention of the ship was the invention of the shipwreck: Study finds that over 100 different species made a 2,200-year-old shipwreck home. Scientists sampled and documented sediment blocks and biological materials inside and outside the shipwreck artifact. 114 different invertebrate species made the 2,200 year old shipwreck their home.


Science Fiction: DiMaggio is back, baby! Ben complains that there may be too much Star Trek right now. Ben covers the newest episode of Star Trek Discovery, titled Rosetta. Then Steven and Ben dive into Picard, season 2. Steven demands to do an act by act recap, so that we all have to suffer the way he did. All in all, not terrible, but Steven has a bad feeling about this one. We round out the episode by talking about Batman. Not the one you think though. Ninja Batman.


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