Episode 395: Get Good, Noob

This Episode Contains: In the Patreon-only pre-show, does Ben have mono? In Texas, Devon’s got pollen covering his black truck. It’s now YELLOW! Steven ordered the Lego Delorean, the last Lego he buys for a long time. Dream Theater just won their first Grammy! ROCK ON!

If you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it: The Long Goodbye to Saturn’s Rings. Ben doesn’t want to be alarmist, but Saturn’s rings are going bye-bye. They are being vaporized over the course of the next 300M years. Imagine: Phobos may one day become the rings of Mars. The title sequence to Star Trek: Voyager is still breathtaking.


This Week in Space: What’s going on in space between the U.S. and Russia? Nasa said that they’ll still work with Russia, despite threats and sanctions. There are treaties preventing owning the moon, but it’s unenforceable. April 1st is the only day a year Americans will be skeptical of news articles.


Science Fiction: The Fallout show has a new lead… WHEN DOES IT COME OUT?!?!? How will Undone Season 2 resolves real vs. not real? Steven solves it. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is coming out on Revenge of the Fifth Day. Are we ever going to get a thinky Star Trek show? Moreso than Disco Season 4? Jurati and Borg Queen have very Farscape John/Harvey vibes. “Why is everyone so angry when you meet them in Star Trek: Picard?” – Devon. “Devon, emotions ARE a part of the human experience.” – Ben. Ben gives a very short review of Halo. Devon reviews Black Fleet trilogy by Joshua Dalzelle: “Like The Expanse in intensity.”