Episode 398: Violent Sound Bubble

This episode contains: Ben hangs up on Steven in this week’s Patreon-only content. We have almost 36 minutes extra in this week’s unedited ep.


Ben is allegedly a good kisser. Steven has some “smelly cat” going from his cold. Steven got a new iPad Air. Wanna know why? He’s gonna rewatch The Batman!
Ben has been looking for what is leaking in his kitchen for 8 YEARS, and gets sciencesplained by a plumber.

Good music noises: Dun dun dunna dun dunna dun DUN. BWEAAAANNNRRR! Tumors partially destroyed with sound don’t come back. You know what is so metal? Non-invasive sound technology to remove cancer. Steven can’t pronounce the word histotripsy. Can you? Can we scare liver cancer away with sound? Not exactly scare, but yeah. “Violent Sound Bubble” will be the first album by Non-Canon Borg Queen. After killing 75% of a liver tumor, rats’ immune systems can clear away the rest.


“Could you save me / From the ranks of the freaks / Who suspect they could never love anyone?”: Let’s talk about digital preservation. If you go back to a file with links years later, you might find they’re gone. How can you preserve links forever? Maybe ArchiveBox can help! How do we get a WordPerfect document from 1995 off a floppy drive? Our Twitter account has tweeted over 55,000 times! That’s unpossible!


Science Fiction: Ben’s family is way into Space Boy. Ben’s son is already caught up. Handling mysterious back story in fiction is risky: Maybe it won’t pay off. Like Space Boy? Consider Kazu Kibuishi’s work: Flight, Amulet, Copper. Steven’s kids Spider-splained to him after watching Spidey and His Amazing Friends, so Steven pulled out Ultimate Spider Man, even though it has some hanky panky. Try talking about it with a 7 year old. Ben finally saw and loved The Batman. The movie The Batman was so much better than the animated series The Batman. “Michael Douglas is my Batman,” says Ben’s wife. But she’s not wrong ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Keaton ). The narration in The Batman does a LOT for the story. The journey of The Batman and The Riddler are mirrors of each other.