Episode 406: It’s No Top Gun 2

This episode contains: We have a full on dadcast this week. We talk about our respective Father’s Days and then Ben talks about linux for a while.

You know that old friend who always got you in trouble…: The ghost of Internet Explorer will haunt the web for years. Internet Explorer is finally retired. We talk about why it stuck around for so long, and how it’s maiming the internet.


This Week in Space: NASA Insists All Is Well as the Webb Telescope’s Mirror Gets Dinged. The Webb Space Telescope has taken damage but it should still be okay because of the forward thinking designs of it’s creators.


Science Fiction: Steven gives his review and spoiler filled rendition of Jurassic World Dominion. He gets into the weeds and doesn’t really get out. We chat about the first two episode of the third season of For All Mankind. We’re split on how the show is doing post Ronald D. Moore. Steven asks Devon about Top Gun Maverick and Devon talks more that he has in the past 5 episodes combined. Oh boy does he like Top Gun. We round out the episode with Ben giving us his review and recommendation of Calls, the Apple TV award winning original.