Episode 410: The San Francisco of Tennessee

This episode contains: Asheville, NC is called The San Francisco of Tennessee. Devon ventures into the Biggest Bass Pro Shop, a pyramid in Memphis. Steven isn’t going if there’s no LEGO store. Ben’s kid and Steven’s kid are both going to the same summer camp. AWKWARD. Ben got a wetsuit and has been boogie boarding, lots of happy endorphins. Steven doesn’t get a “runner’s high.” He gets cranky, tired and angry. DO NOT SWIM IN THE ALGAL BLOOM. Do NOT let your kid play in it!

Maybe today you could put the past away: New ‘988’ mental health crisis hotline launches Saturday. Dial 988 for mental health help. No busy signal, no hold. Just help. Mental health crisis calls shouldn’t go to 911. Use 988 instead. Text too. Local mental health help is far better than nationwide help. 988 replaces the old National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number.


Monkeying around: Monkeypox Is Continuing to Surge Across the U.S.
There have been over 10K monkeypox cases worldwide, and 1,400 in the US alone. “Have we learned nothing?” – Steven. Monkeypox infection has flu-like illness followed by contagious rashes.


The most amazing thing that happened all week: First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope. Hot gas giant exoplanet WASP-96 b MAY HAVE H20 WATER!!! Thanks Webb Telescope!


Science Fiction: Steven wasn’t as into Ms. Marvel as Ben. Of course Ben loved it. He’s a child. Marvel is taking their time getting to the X-Men in the MCU. Ben schools Steven on proper pronunciation of characters in the MCU. Who cares? Ben tries to convince Devon to watch Ms. Marvel using reverse psychology. A spoiler-filled discussion of Thor: Love and Thunder this week. “Thor: Love and Thunder was a decent, if janky movie.” – Steven. There’s a good edit of Thor: Love and Thunder, but it’s not in theaters. We talk about New Eden, the 6th episode of For All Mankind. Remember when Danielle and the Soviet commander wrestled to be first on Mars? The kerfuffle about the astronaut who comes out on Mars is super interesting.