Episode 415: The Island Method

This episode contains: We gather in the morning this week, have a cup of coffee and discuss our lives. Ben’s house is being destroyed on purpose, Devon languishes about Chuck E Cheese and their non-ticket tickets and Steven is less full of hate…but time will tell.

Here in my car, I feel safest of all: Physical buttons outperform touchscreens in new cars, test finds. Tests were performed to pit touch screens against physical buttons while driving. Spoilers: physical buttons appear to be safer.


Beliefs?: We talk about why belief in conspiracies is sometimes adaptive and logical. Belief in conspiracies may be justified and adaptive in war, occupation or colonialism but maladaptive in times of prosperity and peace.


Biologically speaking: Scientists change blood type of kidney, offering new hope for thousands of transplants. If the wrong blood markers enter our systems, they’ll be attacked by our natural defense mechanisms. Using a normothermic perfusion machine, an enzyme snipped away markers that defined the kidney’s blood type. So cool.


Science Fiction: Devon talks to us about finally watching Prey. We talk a bit about our likes and dislikes, but we generally recommend it. Devon also watched Predator 2… and we also talk about our likes and dislikes but can’t really recommend it. Devon laments watching Alien too young. Ben tells us some Picard season 3 news, and brings a whole bunch of hope. We have a general chat about the state of Trek, old vs. new and also Spock casting. Steven HAS to talk about She-Hulk, and while he can’t really recommend it yet, the series does show promise, to the initiated. It won’t change anyone’s mind. Ben ends the episode talking about I Am Groot and the darkness hiding within Groot.